About Us

We had an idea, but we told ourselves it would never work, just like we had done before when we quietly dreamed of more.

We saw other people choosing to do something other than the “conventional” 9-5 and we knew the possibilities must exist. We, Cindy + Jessica, built a successful social sales business all while raising our beautiful, lively children, being committed wives and passionate elementary teachers. But more importantly, we found joy in supporting and empowering hundreds of women to do the same. 

We believed in them and helped them feel empowered to believe for themselves that they were meant for more, could do more + had the power within themselves to make a difference in our world. And isn’t that our responsibility as women? To create a footprint on this earth that has BIG impact? For ourselves, for others, for our children? We believe YES! While sitting on a beach together, we had a vision that more women could be, and should be, “living their best life” and slowly, quietly set to work creating a plan to empower just that.


We believe in a world where women have the financial freedom to build the life she chooses.

We believe that you are enough. Period. Without holding yourself back or making yourself appear smaller to make others more comfortable. The world needs more of YOU. Live life on your terms, dream in bold bright colours, without apology, and inspire others to do the same.


We believe that women empowering women means helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her, and sharing your resources with her. Helping others find their light doesn’t dull our own; in fact, in helping empower others, we find our own light shines brighter too.

And that’s exactly what we have set out to do here; to create a way to empower women to live their best lives. We believe that when a woman is supported and succeeds, not only does it change her life, but the lives of her children. And when we inspire change for our children, we spark change our communities and we impact the world to live a better life too.

Thank you for being here, as part of this journey of inspiration, change, and empowerment.

XO, Jess and Cindy